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How To Flow Through The New Moon

Updated: May 18, 2023

New Moon, New You. We could all benefit from a fresh start, and the new moon gives us an excellent reason to slow down. This is a great time check-in with how we're doing, and feeling, and dedicate some time to set intentions for the season ahead. Plant now, what you would like to harvest later.

Why The New Moon?

Unlike the full moon, which symbolizes the culmination of your hard work and the completion of another lunar cycle, the new moon is all about planting seeds of intention so that you may cultivate new opportunities and achieve new personal and spiritual growth moving forward.

It's also a great time to reinvest in your mind, body, and spirit through self-care practices! An intentional time to be present and slow down the hustle of life. Here are a few ways to support yourself during the next new moon:

Let Your Dreams Expand And Think Big

When the moon disappears in the sky, it's time to reflect on all the amazing things you want to manifest in your life.

Whether you write your intentions down or visualize them, you'll want to be specific as you envision what you desire to call in, act as though it's already yours, and allow yourself to feel the gratitude, excitement, and joy of receiving it. As if you were opening a gift!

Tune Into Self

The new moon also plays an important role in renewing your sense of self-love. In addition to reflecting on your goals, practicing your favorite forms of self-care can help you give your mind and body the attention they deserve.

Rest when you need to, prioritize eating more healthy foods when you can, move in ways that feel good, and whatever you do, make sure you're dedicating time to performing activities that bring you joy.

Remember: taking the time to rest is productive and helps nourish your spirit while revitalizing your energy bank. Be sure to take all the time you need to care for yourself. Dreaming up your future is hard work!

Explore Kind Words Of Truth

Affirmations are a powerful tool that can help individuals build a positive mindset and stay motivated to achieve their goals. The use of affirmations involves repeating positive statements to oneself that reinforce desired behaviors, thoughts, or beliefs.

By affirming positive statements consistently to self, individuals can foster a sense of self-belief and confidence that can propel them forward in their pursuits. Try adding sticky notes to your bathroom mirrors or workspace area to help boost your good vibes!

Try These!

I am open to new beginnings and opportunities.

I am worthy of endless abundance, love, and happiness.

I trust my life's journey and have faith that I am on the right path.

This new moon wants me to understand that it is time to claim my wealth as my own.

Tune In With Mindful Practices

Whether you have an at-home practice or attend a guided class - this skill of meditation had provide great benefits to self-discovery and manifestation clarity.

Looking for a guided class in Lincoln, CA to help access your inspired manifestation energy? Try Kundalini! With its focus on awakening the dormant shakti (energy) that lives at the base of your spine and moving it up through your chakras, kundalini yoga is a powerful way to connect and flow with the energy of the new moon.

With the use of poses, breath work, and meditation, the practice of Kundalini actively begins to clear the mind of negativity or energetic blockages, while inviting new energy to revitalize, and inspire. It's a practice that welcomes all student levels.

Wishing You An Abundant Month Ahead

As the sun and moon align in the sky above you, I want to encourage you to find alignment within yourself. Do your best not to overthink the process, as the alignment to your best and most desired life is achieved simply with a choice to tune inward first.

With the right tools, tapping into your higher consciousness and sparking fresh inspiration can happen for you, don't ever give up on your dreams! And if you need help, connect with the divinity team on Instagram for daily motivation and classes to motivate you.

Happy manifesting!

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