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Divinity Studio is proud to open its doors in April 2022!

Ever wondered what it might be like to step into a healing sanctuary, designed with you in mind? Or maybe you’ve wondered what it would be like to practice yoga and meditation while immersed in a beautifully designed space with a lot of natural light, healing crystals, plants and peaceful vibes.


Well wonder no more! Divinity Studio is here for all of your yoga, meditation, dance and sound healing needs.


Our founder Lea Angelos designed the space with her Land Clearing and

Feng Shui modalities in mind.

We have a Healing Room for massage, reiki, nutrition sessions; a private Sound Healing room with Chimes, Drums and Crystal Bowls; our Main Studio for movement classes and events equipped with mirrors and Moroccan lights;

as well as Lounge for tea and conversation.

Find Your Center


Divinity Studio is Located in Historic Old Town Lincoln, CA.
It is now in a renaissance with a revival of new businesses and a
flourishing community.

Here at Divinity Studio, we are proud to open our doors and join community, it's honor to bring healing and light to Lincoln and to you and your journey to divinity.

We invite you to come as you are and let us help you ignite your inner light.

The vibe at Divinity Studio feels like home...
 It's a sanctuary space that's cozy enough to feel safe but still clean and open enough to just enjoy the surroundings.


The mirrors in the main studio help expand the space as well: they offer attention and reflection so you can see your beauty and express yourself comfortably in front of others.

The living plants offer oxygen, growth,

and are earth elements—

they are all alive and well inside of our studio space.

The Moroccan-style lighting enhances the vibe of the studio and gives it culture.



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