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Our mission is to reconnect you with your inner light and help you remember your divine power. 



Divinity is being whole and complete.
It is being connected to our inner light, it is having a connection with the divine. 


The divine light in me 

honors the divine light in you.


Together, We are Divinity



We are Devoted to Inner Peace, Vitality, Independence and
Nurturing your Infinite Truth through Yoga
Our Story


We were born after a destined trip Lea Angelos took to Europe, where she visited ancient sites and was inspired by the mystical beauty of the land. She left full of wonder, having learned more than she could have ever imagined. She had found her divine spark, but what was next? Where did she go from there?


Lea went back to her homeland to reconnect with her family, her community, and herself. It wasn't long before she realized that something was missing. She initially grew up in this area, and even as a child was full of light, love, and a deep inner wisdom that allowed her to see the sacredness of all life.

Lea realized the community needed a healing center to inspire people to discover their own inner divine light.


And so Divinity Studio was born.

Lea decided to create a space where people can gather, come together and heal.

Divinity Studio is a sanctuary where people can feel safe and become more divinely empowered.

Lea has been on a journey which has led her across the world and back again, and it has led her to ancient places in Europe where the land itself was filled with healing energy. It's also taken her to even more exotic places—like within herself.


Lea devoted the past 10 years to exploring a multitude of holistic healing modalities, as well as traveling internationally to sacred sites. 

She's discovered that yoga is one of the best ways to get there—

she's a certified teacher of Kundalini Yoga and Sound Healing —and now she wants to share it with you.

She became a certified 200-hour kundalini yoga teacher from The Great Divine Flow with Mahanraj Kaur Marcia & Mahanraj Singh Tony in San Diego, CA. Lea is also certified in Land Clearing/ Dowsing and as a Feng Shui Consultant with the International School of Feng Shui with Amanda Sophia and Alex Stark in San Diego/Ireland. Her love of sound healing lead her to Truckee, CA to attend 
GyoHarmony Sound Healing and Arts Teacher Training with Gyongyver Ridenour.

Divinity Studio is Lea's love letter to her community—

she decorated the space using Feng Shui and Land Clearing methods, giving the studio a peaceful, vibrant energy that makes it feel connected to the surrounding area.


It's not just a place for people to gather—

it's a place for people to heal themselves, heal each other, and heal the community around them. 

Welcome to Divinity Studio.

Our mission is to reconnect you with your inner light and help you remember your divine power.

Our Journey to Divinity began in the ancient world......

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