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A thing or two about Buti Yoga at Divinity Studio

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

Whenever people hear the term Buti yoga, they always think it’s some practice that’s focused on training your bottom. But, here's a spoiler: The word Buti comes from the Indian language Marathi, which signifies "a secret remedy." The search for a solution to one's issues that one can find outside of oneself is a constant. Students report feeling more energized about their lives, their ambitions, and how their bodies appear and function after practicing Buti. It involves music-driven spiral dynamic motions and high vibration. That being said, let's get into the specifics of our Buti yoga practices here at Divinity Studio.

Who is Buti yoga for?

It's safe to say that everybody can enjoy it, regardless if it is Buti yoga for beginners or advanced students. In addition, this style of yoga welcomes all shapes and sizes without criticism or stigma.

Because the Buti yoga workout is often promoted as a "female empowerment exercise," the buzz and enthusiasm come within the group of female participants. Connection is vital, and individuals form strong connections with one another. Because there is no ego, we do not compete with one another. All that really matters is that we are having a good time, working up a good sweat, breathing and moving with ease, and ultimately getting closer to loving ourselves.

Buti yoga is not exclusive to women despite the common misconception. Everyone can benefit from this kind of movement and group workout. It's about nurturing the divine equilibrium between masculine and feminine energy, and acknowledging that we all own both.

Everyone is welcome to try out a class! If you are searching for “buti yoga near me”, then you'll get such a good vibe from our Yoga Lincoln CA class that you'll want to come back for more!

Doing Buti Yoga with us!

At the Divinity studio, we devote our time to Buti yoga twice a week. Incorporating yoga, pilates, primal activations, aerobic dance bursts, and deep core conditioning, Buti is a music-driven movement philosophy. Our Yoga Lincoln session is filled with positive energy and focused on sculpting and transforming the body while also comforting the mind.

For students to enter the essence of Buti yoga, we put a special accent on creating a space where they can focus on their bodies without feeling pressured to compare or assess their practice to that of their neighbor. The dim-lit space will challenge your concentration and determination. Furthermore, you will be so absorbed in your enjoyment and sweat that you will forget about the people around you. The main point of this practice is to fully find the center within yourself, leaving you feeling pumped up and accomplished!

To wrap things up…

When you hear your favorite song, do you feel an immediate need to start dancing? Do you feel like you've exhausted all your options for losing weight by working out intensely? Have you considered trying a furious new workout combining yoga, strength, and cardio? If you recognize yourself in these three questions, come to Divinity Studio, where we'll give you the finest Buti yoga workout ever! We invite you to check out our classes; you won't regret it! Ultimately, the change always starts with you! See you on the mat.

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