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Jodi Weiner

For over 30 years, Jodi has passionately shared the healing benefits of yoga, intuitive development, and sound healing. As a seasoned teacher, she has conducted trauma-informed workshops, retreats, and outreach yoga for underserved communities nationwide. Jodi, a respected community leader, offers sound bowl healing experiences and teacher training through her brand, Yoga with Jodi. Embracing both newcomers and seasoned practitioners, she emphasizes mindfulness in just 3 breaths. With a joyful teaching style, Jodi weaves ancient yoga teachings into her classes, described as "healing" and "transformative." Beyond the mat, she channels her activist passion to support the homeless through a local nonprofit organization's learning and development initiatives.

Jodi Weiner

Trainings & Qualifications

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Yoga, Sound Healing, Somatics

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