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Finding Your Inner Wild With Ecstatic Dance

Dancing wild and free has always been considered one of life’s greatest pleasures. Although you probably didn’t think too much of it as you were little, as life goes you may be looking for more experiences that lead you back to a joyful child-like way of being.

Ecstatic dance is a form of self-expression that allows you to move freely in any direction. People who practice don’t follow any steps or rules- rather they are led with their hearts and spirit to flow wherever the rhythm takes them.

The music accompanying this form of dance is commonly electronic, and it also features jungle beats. Goal-wise, it is important for the dancer to release any fear and tap into a feeling of presence within themselves. If you want to let go of negative energy within the mind and body, ecstatic dance is a great way to achieve that.

The best thing about dance is the portal it brings you into, the awareness of fun, freedom, and acceptance within oneself. This requires the permission of the self to be present in the moment and allows for the exploration of deeper spiritual connection. Thinking about this may make you wonder how this dance can benefit your everyday life. Luckily, we have this answer prepared for you, let’s explore some of the biggest ecstatic dance benefits:

It is a fully integrated human experience

You have to be aware and present in the moment, not only with your body but with your mind and spirit, as well.

You get to enjoy a spiritual connection with yourself

This is a type of connection that can only be achieved when you dance to the rhythm. Once you realize that the dance is in itself a spiritual journey, you will give in to it immediately.

Other than a spiritual journey, it is a creative journey too

Dancing symbolizes expressing your feelings, thoughts, and emotions. This will bring to the surface a whole new concept of a creative process.

Dance is a universal language

The cleansing experience begins once you realize that dance is a language.

Through movement, you get to speak, shout, whisper, and tell the story you want people to hear. This is an excellent benefit for all of you who have been through a traumatic experience and have difficulty voicing it.

It can help you solve a problem

Sometimes, we find ourselves in the middle of a problem, and the solution is nowhere in sight. Ecstatic dancing can give you the new perspective you are looking for, and help you evaluate your issues from another perspective.

It helps release the feel-good hormone serotonin

Dance alters the chemicals in the brain, in a good way; making you feel less anxious and promoting therapeutic benefits, like joy! The uncoordinated movement can act as a vessel through which you will release repetitive thoughts, improve cognitive function and reduce stress.

It will increase your confidence

Finally, after a free dance session, notice how you feel and an increased awareness of self-confidence.

To all those who want to give it a go, we encourage you to take a step into the world of ecstatic dance. Give your body, mind, and spirit a well-deserved boost. Let your inner wild out. Show up for yourself, and explore our upcoming events here.

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