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Eclipse Energy: A Shift in Perspective for Your Sign

Divinity Studio Lunar Eclipse Horocopes 2023

As we touch the edges of our next lunar event (Full Moon on Saturday, October 28th) we become increasingly aware of the cracks under our feet. Not only are we noticing the cracks, we might actually feel the ground is crumbling beneath us. The intensity that we are feeling is the amplified energy of this lunation, the energy of the Lunar Eclipse. This particular Lunar Eclipse is the last Eclipse on the Taurus - Scorpio axis until 2031. What this could mean for you is that you are getting a heavy dose of the polarity of what it means to be a human. The reality that if pleasure exists then pain must too. Knowing that if love is available then heartbreak is too. In November we will see the effects of the Lunar Eclipse softening in the middle of the month as well as a shake-up in the way you relate to those around you into the end of the month. Read through your Rising & Sun Sign to gain more specific insight into your month ahead.


What used to feel important to you might be shifting a bit this month. Astrologically, you are being recalibrated by this Lunar Eclipse to ensure you are facing the direction that is the most valuable for the next part of your story. It may feel as if a chapter is closing and the story is making a bit of a dramatic turn - but, you are the author. There is no road map you are supposed to be following, so allow yourself to feel inspired by personal connections you make mid-month. If it feels good, honor it. Self-punishment is no longer the way.


You are the star of the show but oops, you forgot to learn the steps of this dance. But fret not, Taurus friend. The cosmos put you on the stage so that you could witness the Universe orchestrating just for you. Parts of you are descending in quite obvious ways but did you know that in perfect harmony parts of you are ascending too? Observe yourself like you would observe nature changing in its wonderful rhythm. Mid month you will feel a sense of will blossoming to bring harmony and connection to the parts of your life that feel mundane. Create through beauty, as you will feel rebirthed.


At the beginning of the month you may feel as if the unconscious parts of you have mysteriously woven themselves into your life like an easter egg hunt. And if you can't make sense of it, you aren't supposed to. What would it feel like to surrender to the parts that you cannot explain with words. What would it feel like to let the mind live in the mystery? Not far into the month you will feel a refreshed connection to your friends and community, and it may look different than it did a couple months ago. With a Full Moon in your sign at the end of the month you will feel as if you can complete the behind the scenes workings that have been at play.

Cancer: Being a deeply feeling creature means that you have been attuned to the intense emotions of the world, your community and those around you. But with this, a gift. The gift of touching the depths of grief so that you can sink in the depths of love. Holding in your emotions may feel challenging right now and into the middle of the month because you actually aren't supposed to hold them in. Find people that you can feel with. There are people who can see you, love you and hold you for just being you. What would it feel like to let them?


To kick off the month you are discovering new paving stones under your feet. Could they be leading you in a new direction? The Cosmo's are asking you what kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? What do you want to be known for on this Earth? Around the middle of the month you may feel as if you can put those answers into words and it will feel quite pleasurable to honour the truth of who you are and why you are here. Near the end of the month you will recognize how valuable your words are in your community, giving you the opportunity to accept new parts of you that have been revealed.


You can expand into the infinite vastness while still keeping things simplified. The cosmic strings are pulling you out of the small space in front of you and into something greater than. Greater than what, you ask? Well, that is up to you. You are being invited to explore beyond the world you are familiar with now. In this, you may discover new concepts, a philosophy that lands or new grounds to travel to. But let it reveal itself to you. The way to access this vastness is to simply show up in devotion to yourself everyday. Meditation, ecstatic dance, reading the same verse each day. Simple repetition cracks into wide open spaces.


The energy ushering you into this month is excavating untouched earth to uncover new desires that have been dormant within you. You may be observing energetic pain as this extraction process unfolds, but the gold you find quickly dissolves lingering discomfort. By the middle of the month you are lit up by the new discoveries and feeling yourself deeply. Enjoy the spotlight, spend time with people that allow you to meet new parts of yourself, go on romantic dates and give yourself permission to be in pleasure each and every day.


If all you do is stay afloat in the vastness of your internal sea, you would be accomplishing everything you need to right now. Until the middle of the month you are ebbing and flowing with what it means to be you and what it means to be everything but you. A concept that the cosmos are offering you right now. This concept is rebuilding the harmony between you and the people in your life. Whether romantic shakeups are happening or destined connections are falling into place - it is all for you to flow with. Near the end of the month you will feel like your life takes a big exhale, making space for new adventures.


How long have you been doing the same thing? The cosmic shakeup at the start of the month is trying to invite you to find a new rhythm and new connections to the body that treats you so well. Mid month you will feel an incoming breeze of freedom that gets you involved in feeling connected to like minded people. By the end of the month you will have gained a deep sense of what needs to be purified from your life and a deepened connection to the truth of your romantic life. Are the people you seem to be interested in actually what you want or is it just a habit? Coupled up Sag's you get to reevaluate what needs to stay and what needs to go in your relationship.


Energetically, you are a stardust birthing versions of yourself into the world each day. Astrologically, you are in active labour getting rolled to shore with every contraction. In reality, you are trying to resist it all. What is being pushed through you right now is meant to be brought to the tangible world in order to root itself and create something long lasting and wonderful. While you are focused on getting to where you are going you are missing out on all that you have planted before this moment. The cosmic force is restricting your movement so that you can sink into the fun of each moment. Just make a mess and have fun.


You may be familiar with the phrase 'being the break in the lineage' in terms of healing and shifting generational patterns. These themes may be surfacing in a more highlighted way - and it does tend to be easier to focus on the hardship that you have collected. But, you are also meant to work with the gifts you gather too. At the start of the month you may feel as if you are being held by the root system that got you here. This may bring up feelings of peace, safety and ease or the opposite. Know that in the middle of the month you will have a clear indication of why what surfaced did. PS, you get to make magic with it.


The Universe is busy weeding the garden of your mind for the first half of the month. You may feel the plucking and pulling physically, as well in the observation of what thoughts and beliefs are coming to light. Expression through writing, brain dumping, making sound and affirming your aliveness by moving and humming is perfect support for you. On the 5th Saturn stations direct in your sign, allowing for more forward-moving momentum and the opportunity to integrate any lessons that have surfaced lately. Use your physical body to be a meeting place for your feelings and thoughts to gather. Then move it.

In the midst of these transitions and profound self-reflection, remember that you're never alone on your journey. As we approach the final Lunar Eclipse on the Taurus-Scorpio axis until 2031, it's crucial to embrace the changes and challenges that come your way. To nurture your growth and connect with a supportive community, we invite you to explore the upcoming events in Lincoln Ca, and gatherings tailored to your unique journey. Let's journey through these cosmic waves as one, supporting and empowering each other along the way.

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