Nicole Franco

Hello I'm Nicole!

I've been a yoga and movement guide since 2015.

I guide dance experiences, women's circles and alignment-based Vinyasa yoga, grounded in the meditation practices of mindfulness and compassion. I work with all ages, and levels.

I believe in creating a strong foundation of empowerment where practitioners can build experiences upon which enable them to develop new skills. I guide practitioners to connect breath to movement, increase body awareness, individual alignment and encourage them to challenge themselves while honoring their body and their practice.

I believe that everyone's experience and body is unique. I teach being present to the moment, feeling every part of the practice while building strength, increasing flexibility, focus and learning to honor the practice by making wise decisions on and off the mat.

I love to have fun in my practice and in class, I am lover music, movement and getting upside down. I also adore silence and stillness.

Come explore embodiment with me!

Nicole Franco

Trainings & Qualifications

Yoga & Embodiment

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Alexandria Crow: Yoga Works
Bachelor's Degree: Business and Communications

Continued Education
Ana Forrest, Schuyler Grant, Joan Hyman, Janet Stone, Annie
Carpenter, Rod Stryker, Maty Ezraty, Sean Corne, Shiva Rea,
Ryan Leier, Eoin Finn, Erika Burkhalter, Vipassana,

Divinity Dance, Yoga Basics