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Lea Angelos

Lea’s path to Kundalini yoga began 10 years ago, leading her to the renowned Great Divine Flow studio in San Diego for her teacher training. It was through Kundalini yoga that Lea illuminated her spirit and experienced profound soul healing. Her practice, enriched by chanting, breathing exercises, meditations, and Kriyas, awakened her divine feminine power, unlocking her innate force—her Shakti. This self-discovery and empowerment became the cornerstone of her teaching philosophy.

Beyond her extensive training in Kundalini yoga, Lea is certified in Sound Healing, Land Clearing, and Feng Shui, integrating these disciplines into her holistic approach to wellness and spiritual growth. Her unique blend of expertise enables her to offer a comprehensive healing experience, guiding her students toward self-empowerment, the release of old patterns, and the courage to embrace healing and growth.

Lea’s teaching philosophy truly comes from the heart, believing that the true essence of Kundalini yoga lies in connecting with the divine within. Her classes are a journey of discovery, as she encourages her students to ignite their path of divinity and empowerment. With Lea, students learn to harness their own Shakti, embarking on a transformative process that transcends the physical practice of yoga.

At Divinity Studio, Lea offers a variety of classes, workshops, and retreats designed to deepen the practice and understanding of Kundalini yoga. Her sessions are tailored to foster an environment of growth, healing, and community. Each class is a step on the path to discovering one’s highest self, guided by Lea’s expertise and compassionate teaching.

Lea Angelos invites you to join her at Divinity Studio, where your journey into Kundalini yoga and beyond awaits. Embrace the opportunity to explore your spirit, heal your soul, awaken your divine feminine and masculine power under Lea’s guidance.

Lea Angelos

Trainings & Qualifications

Owner, Group Class Guide

Certified 200-hour Kundalini Yoga/ The Great Divine Flow with Mahanraj Kaur Marcia & Mahanraj Singh Tony in San Diego, CA. Certified in Land Clearing/ Dowsing and as a Feng Shui Consultant with the International School of Feng Shui with Amanda Sophia and Alex Stark in San Diego/Ireland.

Kundalini & Sound Healing

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