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Lea Angelos

Lea Angelos is the founder of Divinity Studio. Lea's style of teaching comes naturally from the heart. She's invoked her path for 10 years with Kundalini Yoga obtaining a teacher training at the Great Divine Flow studio based in San Diego. Through her devoted course of creation in Kundalini yoga, she discovered the light of her own spirit and experienced soul healing. By activating her own divine feminine power through chanting, breathing exercises, meditations and Kryia's. She learned how to empower her innate feminine force, her shakti, and rediscovered herself. She also has certifications in Sound Healing, Land Clearing and Feng Shui, with this Lea brings her skills to a place of igniting the path of divinity, empowerment, the release of old patterns and the courage to heal and grow not only for herself but to share with others as well.

Lea Angelos

Trainings & Qualifications

Group Class Guide

Certified 200-hour Kundalini Yoga/ The Great Divine Flow with Mahanraj Kaur Marcia & Mahanraj Singh Tony in San Diego, CA. Certified in Land Clearing/ Dowsing and as a Feng Shui Consultant with the International School of Feng Shui with Amanda Sophia and Alex Stark in San Diego/Ireland.

Kundalini & Sound Healing

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