Gyongyver Ridenour

Gyongyi’s passion for Sound healing started back in 2006 while receiving multiple private Sound Healing treatments from her first Sound Healing teacher in Austria. Shortly she realized that she wants to share this healing method wherever she ends up in her life to bring peace, tranquility and balance to other peoples life as well. Her life shifted in 2008 while visiting USA and getting a job in the ski industry as a Ski Instructor. Her passion for holistic healing continued to urged her to seek and learn many other healing modalities to enhance her knowledge about well being and spirituality. She got certified in Reiki, Emotion code, Spiritual consultation, AromaTouch, Psyhic development, Yoga and Sound Healing through IASH (International Academy of Sound Healing). She is leading intro Sound Healing Workshops based on the IASH method. Currently she has been teaching a variety of yoga classes, incorporating Sound healing (with Singing bowls and Gongs) and Essential oils as a blend to elevate a unique experience. In the past few years she has been collaborating with various healers, musicians to raise the vibration and the healing experiences of others.

Gyongyver Ridenour

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200 YTTC, Sound healer/ trainer, Reiki Master

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