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Ariel Beall

Ariel Beall is an accomplished Bellydancer, performer, choreographer & teacher. She was the founder and creative director of Sudeeka Tribal Bellydancers on Kauai from 2008-2018. Prior to that, she was part of Myra Krien’s Pomegranate Studio and school of Middle Eastern Dance in Santa Fe, NM. Ariel has over 23 years of Bellydance experience under her belt, and finds much joy out of spreading the knowledge and beauty of this dance! 

Ariel Beall

Trainings & Qualifications

Tribal Bellydance

Certified Bellydance Instructor (2008 until current)
Founder & Creative Director of Sudeeka Tribal Bellydancers in Kauai, HI (10 years)
Creative Director of Sudeeka SEED Program for teen girls and women (8 years)
Member of Pomegranate Studio and Myra Krien’s professional Bellydance Company in Santa Fe, NM (5 years)
Member of Masnavi Dance Collective in Santa Fe, NM (3 years)
Taken numerous workshops & retreats from talents Bellydance stars
Performed throughout the Southwest, California & Hawaii

Tribal Bellydance Workshops

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